Reducing Your Fleets Carbon Footprint with Telematics

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Reducing Your Fleets Carbon Footprint with Telematics

In 2019, reducing your carbon emissions has never been more important.

With ocean temperatures on the rise, glacial retreating and sea levels rising, climate change is on the minds of many across the UK.

In 2008, carbon dioxide accounted for 85 per cent of the UK’s emissions.

As drivers or the operators of fleets, reducing the impact of our carbon footprints has the potential to help combat carbon emission levels in this country. Here are some tips on how to make your fleet eco-friendlier.

Be a better driver

Studies show that up to 30 per cent of the difference in MPG is due to driving habits alone.

You could save more than a ton of carbon dioxide emissions per year simply by doing the following:

  • Accelerating slowly and smoothly
  • Following the speed limit and avoiding speeding
  • Maintaining a steady speed
  • Anticipating your stops and starts

Maintain your vehicles

Keeping your vehicles running smoothly and checked on time will greatly reduce your emissions.

Replace your air, oil and fuel filters regularly. Every little helps.

Keep up with your tyres

Something as simple as keeping your tyres properly inflated has been shown to save 400-700 pounds of carbon emissions per year.

Think about the future

When the time comes to replace your vehicles or expand your fleet, opt for greener vehicles.

With new advances in technology and transportation, more variety is available on greener vehicles. You can also consider greener fuel types, all of which will benefit the planet greatly.

Utilise telematics

Just because you’re on a mission to be greener doesn’t guarantee that your drivers will share your goals.

Telematics is the perfect way to ensure your fleet is on track and abiding by greener standards.

With telematics from DRIVEcard, you can track your drivers’ speed, harsh acceleration, whether they’re maintaining a steady speed and their fuel usage. You can even track whether your drivers are idling (the vehicle is still and not moving, but the engine is still switched on), which will use up fuel quickly.

For more information on how to get telematics for your fleet, call our sales team today on 01704 333 300.

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