Telematics: How it can Benefit your Business


Telematics: How it can Benefit your Business

What is Drive Telematics?

Drive Telematics, powered by Kinesis, is an award-winning vehicle tracking system that was first launched in 2015 and is now used to track 120,000 vehicles worldwide. Developed from the outset as a cloud-based service, our telematics systems represent a new generation of vehicle telematics; simple to use, affordable and with easy access anywhere. Drive Telematics offers insights into everything you need to know. Track every vehicle in your fleet, wherever they are, monitor driver behaviours, including speeding and harsh acceleration, view dashcam footage and much more.

Drive Telematics is available on low, monthly, annual or one-off payments. We’ll help you decide the best option for your business. We’re easy to use compared to other tracking systems on the market. There’s no training necessary as our system is user-friendly. There are no delays, our systems are live and up to date, you can even manage your fleet on the move with our mobile app.


Live Map

Live Map gives you an overview of all your vehicles and their location. With Live Map, you can view the location of every vehicle in your fleet, whether the vehicles are parked or moving, access street view images of the vehicle’s location, view the vehicles estimated time of arrival, follow and watch the vehicles full journey live and more.

For vehicles delivering goods to customers, a tracking link can be provided so that the customer can track their delivery right to their door. The Live Map allows you to find individual drivers or vehicles, as well as groups of vehicles. The map can be fully customised and allows you to group your vehicles together, or view as individuals.  Live Map is powered by Google Maps and is updated every 30 seconds, giving you a true, up to date picture of your fleet. Live Map also allows you to use other features including contacting your drivers through the app, viewing full journey history of vehicles, accessing dashcam footage and more.

Journey History

Journey History allows you to view the entire journey history of every one of your vehicles and drivers. This feature allows journey playback, meaning you can follow every journey each vehicle and driver has ever taken. With Journey History, you can also view all journey events. View speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering and harsh breaking, where these events occurred, what time they occurred and what speed the vehicle was travelling at when the event took place. You can even view idling, (vehicles stationary with the engine running) helping you keep track of any fuel wastage.

Driver Performance

This feature gives you a complete overview of the performance of your drivers, as well as an in-depth analysis of individual driver behaviour. Driver Performance tracks the behaviour of your drivers by monitoring speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and harsh cornering. These events are used to generate scores for your drivers. Every driver will be given a score out of 100, based on their performance, and are ranked against one another.

For in-depth analysis, events can be looked at in more detail. You can view the time and location of any event, and for speeding, you can even view in which MPH zone the speeding occurred, and how many MPH over the limit the driver was travelling.

When viewing driver events, you can also view the speed the vehicle was travelling at when the event occurred, which is particularly useful when looking at harsh braking or cornering and why this occurred. Driver Performance is ideal for improving driver behaviour and securing the liability of the company in case of accidents or instances of potentially dangerous driving. It can also be used to create incentives for your drivers by using driver scores as league tables and awarding good scores with a prize.

Vehicle Performance

Vehicle Performance allows you to link your fuel cards with Drive Telematics to receive real and unique insights into your fuel usage and how your vehicles and drivers are using fuel. Vehicle Performance can even be customised to track a specific driver’s usage with Driver ID within the app, which can be registered to specific fuel cards or vehicles.


Create your own geofences for individual vehicles, highlighting go and no go areas for your fleet. If you have concerns regarding your drivers visiting certain locations, you can create your own geofence around this area and receive alerts that will let you know if the vehicle enters this location. Geofences can be set for individual vehicles, or for your entire fleet.

Reports & Alerts

Reports and alerts are fully customizable and can be set for all telematics features. Some categories for reporting include daily utilisation, private mileage, driver timesheets, speeding, idling and out of hours usage. For example, you can be alerted any time a vehicle is used out of working hours, or if a fuel card is used with a vehicle not in your fleet. You can also get a notification anytime one of your vehicles hits a certain speed. Basically, you can receive alerts and reports on pretty much anything you want.

Drive Telematics can also be combined with your fuel cards, giving you a unique and accurate insight into your fleets fuel usage, where fuel might be being wasted and ultimately, how you can save money on fuel. Customers investing in telematics are already saving £3 for every £1 invested.

Vehicle Check

Fleet managers can perform vehicle checks on their entire fleet, all from our telematics app. Ensure your fleet is good to go by creating your own vehicle safety checklist and upload all your reports and images of any faults into the app. The Vehicle Check feature keeps all your reports in one secure, easy to access place, cutting down admin time and preventing the possible loss of any reports. Vehicle Check makes it easy to manage the safety of your fleet and drivers.

There’s so much you can do with Drive Telematics, the possibilities are truly endless.

To learn more about what Drive Telematics can do for your business, to receive a live demo, or to order your devices today, give Candice a call on 0151 363 8101.


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