Tips for Surviving a Traffic Jam

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Tips for Surviving a Traffic Jam

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, the number of cars on the motorways continues to increase.

Unfortunately, this can lead to more accidents on the roads and more serious delays on the motorways.

No one enjoys a traffic jam, especially if you’re stuck in a large vehicle such as a lorry or HGV, making a busy motorway much harder to navigate.

However, if you’re properly prepared, there are ways to make traffic jams a little bit more tolerable.

Switch off your engine

The RAC recommends you switch off your engine as soon as it is clear that your vehicle won’t be moving for a while. Turning off your engine is the best way to conserve fuel and lower your emissions.

If the delay is extremely long, consider getting out of your vehicle to stretch your legs. You can take this opportunity to get a good look at the traffic around you and see if there’s any movement or updates, or if you can spot the end of the traffic. This is usually a good indicator of how long you might be stuck.

If you do exit your vehicle, remain aware that you are on a road and take all necessary precautions.

Prepare for the heat

The AA advises checking your vehicles coolant levels and cooling system before embarking on a journey on a hot day. It also advises checking your tyre pressure, as tyres that are worn or the wrong pressure are more likely to blow in hotter temperatures.

It’s also a good idea to fit an adequate amount of sun shades in your vehicle to keep the sun out as much as possible and keep you cool.

Additionally, check your aircon is working properly before you set off.

Keep yourself entertained

The radio is great for keeping you going on a long journey, but after a few hours, it’s nice to switch it up. Ensure you’re equipped with your favourite podcasts and playlists to keep you going when you’re stuck on the road.

Keep your cool

When you’re stuck in traffic, most people’s immediate reaction is likely to be one of annoyance. Always try to remember that everyone on the road is in the same boat as you, and being annoyed won’t move the traffic along any quicker.

Instead, try to find the positive in the situation and use this new found free time to do something productive.

If traffic is still and your engine is off, take some time to catch up on your emails, or any work you might have. You could also give your vehicle a quick tidy or a clean.

Be prepared

If your journey is taking you onto a motorway or busy road, always be prepared for long delays by packing plenty of food and water.

Stay informed

In the event of long delays, local radio stations will provide regular updates on traffic and any news. Twitter is also a great tool to utilise to follow any live updates, as long as your engine is switched off.

You can also use Google Maps to view your delay and an estimate of how long it will last. Highways England also has a live traffic map. You could also utilise these tools to help you find a possible alternative route.

Always have a full tank

Probably the most important thing to remember when travelling anywhere is to always have a full tank. You never know when you’re going to get stuck in traffic, and not having a full tank puts you at risk of running out of fuel in the middle of the motorway, especially if you’re crawling along in your vehicle for hours on end.

Fuel cards are the most efficient way to ensure your vehicles are always full, without the fuss of giving your drivers cash or company credit cards to use.

Our fuel cards cover many different brands, including the supermarkets, many offering prices below pump price.

To find out more about our fuel cards, or to order cards for your business, call our sales team today on 01704 333 300.

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