13 Ways to Improve your Journey

13 Ways to Improve your Journey

Esso has provided a number of helpful tips and tricks to improve your vehicle, your journey and your overall experience on the road. We’ve combined this list to provide you with the ultimate guide to improving your journey, from securing your cargo, to lighting up your vehicle.

Here are 13 ways to improve your journey.

Protect with foam noodles

Use scissors to cut a foam swimming noodle in half lengthwise, into 2 ft long sections.

Determine areas of the parking area that are most likely to come into contact with your vehicle. Apply a multi-use adhesive to these areas, then apply a liquid adhesive to the inside of the noodle. Level the noodle against the wall and stick in place. No more dings on your car door!

Put rubbish in its place

Attack a plastic hook with an adhesive back to the underside of the passenger dash. Hang a paper or reusable bag from the hook and voila! An in-vehicle bin. Empty regularly to keep your vehicle clean

Keep cargo in its place

Stop your cargo from slipping and sliding during your journey by utilising bungee cords. Stretch a bungee cord across the boot of your car or the back of your vehicle, and through the handles of your cargo, containers, bags, etc.

You can also use shallow cardboard boxes and place your cargo inside to stop sliding.

Cool it down

No one likes getting into a hot vehicle. Luckily, this useful tip will make sure you don’t have to. Before getting into your call, roll the window down all the way. Then, open and close the opposite door a few times to create a wind tunnel to get the hot air out. Do this until the vehicle has cooled.

Keep the change

Every driver will know how annoying It is to have loose change floating around in their vehicle, getting stuck under and down the sides of the seats. Utilise one of your cup holders by popping an empty chewing gum holder, or another pot that fits, inside to store and save up your loose change.

What’s that smell?

From time to time, food and drink spillages are bound to happen during your journeys. Sometimes, spills can lead to unpleasant smells. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to freshen up your vehicle.

Sprinkle baking soda on cloth surfaces and carpeting and leave overnight. In the morning, the odours should have been absorbed and the baking soda can be hoovered away.

Manage your keys

If you have too many keys, your keychain can become too heavy or overwhelming. Solve this problem by using a carabiner. This can help break up the weight and make it easy to remove a key or fob for quick access.

Never lose your vehicle

When using parking structures or large car parks, losing your vehicle in the crowd can be easily done. Avoid this problem by using your mobile phone to take a picture of your level and row, or write a note on your phone. You can also place a colourful sticky note on your antenna to make your vehicle easy to spot from further away.

Take out the fog fast

On foggy days, turn on you’re A/C along with your heater. The air conditioning will remove the moisture from the air faster and will help you keep your windows clean.

Light up your pickup

Light up the boot or back of your vehicle with easy installation, making it easier to find what you’re looking for in darker environments. Use duct tape to secure battery powered, outdoor LED lights, under the rail at the top of the bed, or along the bottom of the back of your vehicle. Install the on/off switch near the entrance, making it easy to switch on.

Keep your sunglasses handy

On sunny days, sunglasses are essential. Attach a bulldog clip to a slat of your dashboard air vent. Slip the arm of your sunglasses through the handle of the clip so you never lose them and they’re easy to grab when the sun comes out.

Prevent frozen locks

In cold weather, avoid frozen locks by placing masking tape over the locks. This will prevent moisture from entering the keyhole. Peel it away when you’re ready to go.

Have a full tank

Getting stuck on the road with a low or empty tank can really put a dampener on your journey.

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