Government Advisors Call for 2030 Petrol & Diesel Ban

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Government Advisors Call for 2030 Petrol & Diesel Ban

Government advisors are now calling for the ban on petrol and diesel cars to be brought forward.

As it currently stands, all new cars in the UK will be “effectively zero emission” by 2040, under new plans to tackle pollution in the air.

Now, government advisors are calling for this to be brought forward 10 years, to 2030.

According to a report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the move would help the UK cut carbon emissions to nearly zero by 2050.

The report also calls for a substantial investment to improve electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The report states that the plans for 2040 are “too soft.”

The CCC believes that the rapid development of battery technology means that electric card will cost the same as combustion-engine machines from around 2024 onwards. This makes 2030 a realistic target.

The report states that the UK can become a global leader for the fight against climate change and that the 2030 target can be achieved at no extra cost from the previous estimates.

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