DKV Card:

The DKV CARD is your ticket to the largest and most tightly-woven supply network in the transport sector. At over 70,000 acceptance points in more than 40 countries, DKV customers can use the DKV CARD for payment of all their vehicle-related services in Europe, while enjoying many advantages.

DKV Billing Service

Are your bills, receipts and similar documents piling up and creating billing chaos and confusion? The DKV Billing Service clears it all up for you. Each DKV invoice clearly itemises all services used, so that costs per vehicle can be conveniently and easily assigned.

DKV CARD Security

Various security features of the DKV CARD minimise the risk of improper use of the fuel card and enhance control of its use.

Card deactivation and usage reports

By temporarily deactivating and reactivating your DKV CARDs, you can prevent any non-permitted use. The reports provided by DKV eREPORTING inform you about every authorisation as well as incorrect PIN entries.

Maximum card security thanks to card pin code

A four-digit personal identification number (PIN code) ensures you maximum security when using the DKV CARD, A specific or individually determined fleet PIN-code can be selected as an alternative to a system-generated PIN-code

Card user restrictions bring additional security

Manage your card limits and notifications quickly and easily yourself in DKV COCKPIT. Apart from improved cost control this also means minimisation of the risk of misuse.

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To Apply For A DKV Card Please Call the Office on 01704 333 300